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Falcon Physician is a web-based application that requires a browser and internet connection for access. User permissions are assigned by the role a user has in the office, and is typically configured by the security administrator in your practice. User credentials are assigned based on whether you are a DaVita credentialed user or a non-DaVita credentialed user. If you are a DaVita credentialed user, you will use the same DaVita username and password to log into Falcon Physician as your other DaVita applications. If you are a non-DaVita credentialed user, you will use a unique email address as your username.

NOTE: If you log in to the application using an email address, you must be able to access this email in case you need to reset your password in the future.


To log in to Falcon Physician:

  1. Go to http://falconehr.davita.com
  2. NOTE: Internet Explorer is the preferred web browser to view Falcon Physician. Chrome or Firefox are recommended alternatives if you are having issues with Internet Explorer.

  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click Accept & Sign In


Password Reset

If you are unaware of your password, the steps to recover it are dependent upon whether or not you are a credentialed DaVita user.


DaVita Credentialed Users:

Go to the DaVita VillageWeb and click Need help?. Then select the option for Forgot Password. Alternatively, you could also call the Physician Support line at 866-722-6025 to receive a temporary password that will prompt you to set a permanent password on your next log in. If you need assistance with either of these processes, call the Service Desk at 888.782.1EHR (1347).


Non-DaVita Credentialed Users:

Click forgot password on the login dialog or contact your office security administrator.


Log Out

To log out of Falcon Physician, select the Logout link in the lower right corner of the screen.